Anime Girl Clothes: Fantasies In Reality

Japan is a special country; a country whose historical canvas is woven from the oldest cultural values, traditions and the most advanced innovative trends; a country designed to surprise, impress and inspire. There are many objects of astonishment in Japan. And if the most incredible – HiTech technology – modern society begins to get used to, the Japanese youth subcultures, non-standard for the European continent, the trends of street-style street-style raises a number of questions. You can read about Japanese clothing style and Japanese youth subcultures in our article.

Anime Girl Clothes
Anime Girl Clothes

Street fashion in Japan, unlike most other countries, does not obey the whole podium currents. The Japanese street-style is based on a set of unusual, mysterious subcultures of some fantasy world. Despite all the seriousness and certain correct primness of Japan, the street style of the country of the rising sun is distinguished by a bright palette of colors and rampant closet ensembles. Let us dwell on Japanese styles and subcultures.

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“I will wear the best at once” in the broadcast of Japanese youth is called “Dekora”. The maximum possible, even impossible number of DECORATIONS in the field of accessories and closet is a distinctive feature of “Dekora” subculture. Badges, beads, various studs, pins, jokes, hairpins, toys… The main thing is that everything is at once and neon-bright!

Anime Girl Clothes 2

“Vijiuaru Kei” (“saw kei”)

Vijiuaru Kei
Anime Girl Clothes 3

Androgynous guys, who identify themselves with the subculture “Vizhual Kay”, sincerely believe that their “well-groomed” appearance (dyed hair, intricately cut bangs, long hair, makeup, dyed nails) and specific closet items that look more like a woman’s are the key to success with the opposite sex.

Vijiuaru Kei
Anime Girl Clothes 4


What can be a hobby for young people in the country of robotics and automation? Of course, virtual. The passion of young Japanese people for computer games is so passionate that makes their fans follow and look like the characters of their favorite computer games or cartoon characters.  Adepts of “Cosplay” style mimic the virtual heroes in everything: in clothes, poseure, makeup and manner.

Anime Girl Clothes 5


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The costume of a cheerful animal or fairytale hero, dressing up the body of a guy or girl, does not rank its owner as an animator profession. Funny pajamas are a sign of belonging to the “Kigurumi” subculture. The founders of “Kigurumi”, at one time, needed comfortable clothes and a very democratic price for it. The solution were outfits from masquerade stores.

Anime Girl Clothes 6


Japanese style “Kawai” supports the chain of “hobby interesting closet”.  Potential interest for the “Kawai” subculture is all kinds of “mi-mish” heroes: animals and toys.

Anime Girl Clothes 7

It is important to note that Japanese subcultures are not only nourished by inanimate computer TV or “mi-mish” pictures. Many Japanese subcultures are characterized by awe-inspiring tenderness and femininity, even if a few in hypertrophic presentation.

“Forest Nymph” (“Mori Girl”)

The very name of the Japanese subculture “Forest Nymph” hides something trembling and alluring. The girls of “Forest Nymphs” prefer vintage clothes, generously decorated with ruffles, lace and floral prints. Unlike other Japanese subcultures, “Lesnye Nymphs” follow the most natural makeup trends.

Forest Nymph
Anime Girl Clothes 8


The image of “Lolita” is the most recognizable and most common among Japanese girls. Infantile and very girlish style of “Lolita”, of course, in its most exaggerated meaning generously dresses its followers in ruffles, “lace”; decorates with hearts, bows, beads and all sorts of jewelry; provides a strong accessory range: umbrellas, hats, golfs, iconic shoes on a high platform. It is important to take into account that “Lolites” can be different. Among this Japanese subculture there are very nice “sweet lots” (like cream, soft shades and tones), and strict “Gothic lots” (favorites of black and dark), and even “wa lots” with a “patriotic footstep” (wear kimono embroidered with hieroglyphs).

“Ko Gaul”

“Ko Gal” is one of the most popular Japanese clothing styles, which can be found today on the streets of our latitudes. Nothing too criminal. Girls, who choose the style of “Ko Gal”, do not bet on the virtual world or “Lolitina” dreams, but on eternal youth and choose the role of a young schoolgirl. Short skirts in a fold, elongated golf, a pair of tails of often dyed in light shades of hair – the hallmarks of the Japanese style of “Ko Gal”.

Ko Gaul
Anime Girl Clothes 9

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“Hime Gal”

“Hime Gal” is a derivative of “Ko Gal” subculture, the adherents of which are also eternally young, but at the same time they have at their disposal some financial state. “Hime Gal” prefer closet solutions pink colors of luxury brands. And, not surprisingly, “Hime” means princess.

Hime Gal
Anime Girl Clothes 10


“Overcooked” in a tanning bed young Japanese, with dense makeup, more like theatrical makeup (dark, brown base, white lipstick, black eyeliner and other “delights”) dressed in bright, pink clothes – these are the followers of the Japanese subculture “Ganguro.

Anime Girl Clothes 11

The classification of Japanese subcultures is quite extensive. Some Japanese subcultures have from 15 to 20 subcategories.

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