Ferret Clothes

Basic requirements

Ferret Clothes
Ferret Clothes

The main requirements for the clothing for a ferret are its convenience and safety. The “suit” should be soft and flexible, not constraining the animal’s movements. However, it should be noted that the chorus are very bright and flexible, and if the clothes sit too loose, they will instantly clump and fit in the far corner, out of sight. The animals do not feel any delight from the outfit, so you should take care that the clothes sit comfortably but tightly enough. It is desirable to avoid synthetic fabrics, especially on the inside of the clothes.

You should distinguish between clothes for different cases, because the requirements for them will be different.

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Thus, the “outfit” for a walk should be waterproof, otherwise the animal risks catching a cold walking around in wet clothes. If it is very cold in the apartment, you should give preference to knitted things or knitwear: they are most convenient for mobile animals. Clothes for photo shootings and all kinds of “shows” may be a bit fanciful and glamorous, but an animal should be comfortable in them. And most importantly, the clothes should not be worn constantly, but only when they are justified and necessary.

Advantages of Clothes for Ferrets

Advantages of Clothes for Ferrets
Ferret Clothes 2

In some cases, the clothes are really needed:

During walks in the cold season, they protect the wool from contamination and contact with anti-gold reagents. The chemical composition of anti-icing products is very harmful to the skin and the paws, so it would be useful to wear boots on the ferret.

Rodents at home are prone to colds and may get sick from a slight draught. The winter walk becomes a real challenge for the animals, especially if they spend most of their life in a warm apartment. Violation of biological rhythms leads to the absence of molting, and by winter your pet does not have time to get a warm and fluffy coat and easily freezes.

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After the operation, the animal instinctively licks and brushes the wound, and clothing for ferrets prevents this. The veterinarians also recommend it in case of alopecia, rash and skin diseases. As for beauty and aesthetics, it is rather a question of prestige and taste of rodent owners. Nothing terrible will happen if you dress your pet to participate in a contest or photo shoot, but you must make sure that the animal did not overheat and did not try to chew off the decorative elements of the costume.

Shortcomings with rodent clothing

Shortcomings with rodent clothing
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Opponents of the use of special clothing argue that the thermoregulation is perfectly coped with the fur, and there is no need to additionally “warm” the rodent, as nature does not provide such a possibility. But it should be borne in mind that the “torn out” of the familiar environment of animals ability to survive and adapt somewhat blunted, so they are much heavier to tolerate drafts and cold.

Even high-quality clothing and shoes made of natural materials can be dangerous:

If a jacket or jumpsuit gets caught on a sharp object, your pet will not free himself, will be afraid and start to panic and burst out. This is fraught with injury.

It happens that even the chosen size of clothing causes discomfort to the ferret or other rodent – it prevents full movement, rubs the skin.

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When constantly wearing clothes, the animal begins to work hard sebaceous glands, which leads to deterioration of quality and salinization of fur and the appearance of opreloys.

The ferret can chew and partially swallow its suit. It is clear to everyone what the presence of threads in the stomach leads to.

Buying or not buying clothes for rodents is an issue to be solved individually. Everything depends on their physical condition and character. If the ferret does not object and quickly gets used to clothes, why not, and if it actively protests and shows aggression, you should not force it.

For other cases.

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Sometimes it is necessary to “insulate” the ferret at home in case of emergency coldness, heating problems, etc. In such cases, the best choice will be knitted “suits” or sewn from knitwear. It is necessary to knit clothes with four spokes in a circle to get a “pipe”. Usually, for this purpose it is recommended to knit with a simple rubber band (2 on 2). Such a sweater does not need clasps, because it can be put on the animal through the head. For photo shoots and goings out it is allowed to wear more fancy clothes on ferrets: sundresses, jackets, denim overalls, etc. Of course, exquisite suits do not bring much pleasure to the animal, so try to make them as little as possible to prevent the ferret to move and be comfortably sewn. You shouldn’t decorate the clothes with small elements and accessories: the animal can chew them off and swallow them. It is also desirable to abstain from all kinds of jewelry, accessories and shoes.

Games with a ferret

Ferret Clothes 5

An animal of prey likes to play with a man, it will be delighted if he walks. So you are able to create with your own hands leisure for your favorite pet. It will not be difficult to walk and play with a ferret in the game. If you have already decided to get a ferret, then give it your time and care.

Toys for a ferret is easy to make with your own hands, repel from the safe material, no further difficulties.

Pay attention to the animal, communicate and address him by name, so that the ferret is not feral and get used to you. Frequent joint pastime will make you closer and communication with the pet will be safe.

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It may be that you will avoid injuries and bites. If you berate a ferret after it bites you during a game, it can only get angry. Be more diplomatic, but still keep the ferret in line.

The pet will gladly help you when you do wet cleaning. And with great enthusiasm will do a rag, broom, or mop. A playful and energetic creature will always find where to splash out energy. Paying it due attention, you keep your personal belongings intact and safe. The ferret is not the most common type of pet. For those who are interested in this type of kunya family, you need to realize that you will need to devote more time and energy to it.

Hat, scarf, mitten to ferrets is not afraid of harsh winter.

Ferret Clothes 6

In winter, many people worry about the health of their favorite, and therefore prepare him for the cold thoroughly. Knitted things can warm an animal in the strongest frost, despite the fact that it has the warmest ‘coat’. Thus, on the counters of stores you can find various hats, sweaters, vests, warm knitted dresses and jackets. This “wealth” is not very expensive, so any ferret can afford it. But it is much more pleasant to make clothes with your own hands. You don’t need to be a seamstress or a skilled spokesman to do this. Anyone can tie a hat with a hook, a scarf or a vest. For example, the vest on a ferret is very similar to a mitten. The difference is that it is necessary to make two holes for the legs. You can ease the task and tie a small square cloth, providing holes for the paws, and then sew the buttons and do with a hook loop. Easy and simple, and most importantly – quickl

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