Holographic Clothes

“We can’t live without space” – once said the designers, and soon the clothes resembling swollen suits appeared in the stores, and the accessories acquired an unearthly glow. What is the secret?

Holographic Clothes

First of all, it is beautiful: materials with holographic effect sparkle in any lighting and attract attention. There is also a practical benefit: such clothes reflect light from headlights and lanterns, so they are well visible in the dark.

The elements of holographic style, as well as any accent things, should be used dosed. We help you to create a memorable cosmic image.

Jacket from the comet’s tail

Jacket from the comet's tail

Fans of science fiction and sci-fi genre will confirm that the future of our or other distant Galaxy is impossible without outerwear for intergalactic travel. Voluminous jacket with a futuristic shine will also be useful for less ambitious adventures in the big city. Choose any shade you like from gold to asphalt and combine it with bright accessories. Remember to “ground” your image with denim or knitwear – any journey, even fashionable, should be safe.

Children’s Star Trek

Children's Star Trek

The younger generation is best prepared for the space future world. Holographic style has become an integral part of children’s fashion of the last seasons, and there is a demand – teenagers willingly choose parks and bombers with a mirror shine and pearlescent tint. The rules of style even in children’s images are the same: observe color balance and do not shake with radiance.

Bag for Martian

Bag for Martian

Still perceive holographic style only as an opportunity to stand out at the party? Very in vain. Accessories in metallic and electric blue shades can save even the most unremarkable image. In a sports kit made of hoodie and playful miniskirt we will add a belt space bag on a textile strap and a translucent cape. Little shine? Take the glasses with green gradient. Brands support this idea and offer a wide range of futuristic shoppers, backpacks and cosmetics bags.

May the cosmic power come with you, and – let’s go!

Bag for Martian

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