Plastic Storage Drawers For Clothes

Storage in boxes is a functional and modern way to organize things. Previously, crates and boxes were more often used in stores or warehouses, but now many have discovered the convenience of storing household items in crates. And since demand determines supply, there are entire departments with a variety of storage containers in stores. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors – there are suitable for any interior.

Types of storage boxes

Types of storage boxes
Plastic Storage Drawers For Clothes

Storage boxes are designed for a variety of situations, they are not the same in terms of reliability, durability, safety, purpose. Let’s look at some types of storage boxes, highlighted by a certain criterion.

IRIS USA, Inc. MC-360-TOP 6-Drawer Storage Cart with Organizer Top, Black

  • IRIS Medium 6-Drawer Cart with Organizer Top has 6 shallow drawers; drawer measurements are 9.75″W x 12.75″D x 3.0″H”
  • Each shallow drawer weight capacity is 2. 5 lbs.
  • Built-in organizer top for accessibility; clear drawers to easily identify contents
  • Easy glide casters for added mobility and drawer stops to keep drawers secure
  • Dimensions: 14. 25″L x 12. 05″W x 26. 44″H
  • Alternative uses: teachers organize papers by assignment or class, keep small tools and parts organized in a garage or workshop

Destination of the box

Food containers are designed to store food safely, they are familiar to everyone. It is also better to use them in cases when items should be stored in a safe, guaranteed non-toxic place. In food containers, it is preferable to store baby pacifiers and bottles, medical inhaler parts. In a food container you can pour pills from an uncomfortable jar, but in this case it is worth to glue the label with the name of the drug, its expiration date and keep the container in a dark place, away from children.

Non-food containers. These include toy boxes, clothing boxes, tool boxes, handicraft baskets and simply universal boxes that you can fill as you wish. These containers vary in material, volume and appearance. The choice is made according to the way you intend to use the box.

Destination of the box
Plastic Storage Drawers For Clothes 2

Box material

Carton boxes. A very common way to organize paper documents, letters, postcards. Cardboard boxes have several advantages: they are environmentally friendly, durable enough, look good in the interior, as well as lightweight, so they can be easily removed from the shelf to open the lid and get to the contents. Among the disadvantages can be noted short-lived. If you use the box often, the corners will start to wear off, lose its neat appearance and durability, the box will sprawl in your hands. Therefore, do not store in such boxes of things that need to be often taken out and put in place.

Box material
Plastic Storage Drawers For Clothes 3

Plastic containers. Most often used to store things. They are versatile. In these boxes it is convenient to store children’s toys, tools and cleaning products, spare parts, small appliances. Plastic containers are very durable, durable and easy to clean. They can be transparent, which in some cases is an additional advantage – for example, a needlewoman can spread threads, buttons and ribbons on the same drawers, but see without opening what is lying there. The disadvantage of plastic containers can be that they do not fit into every interior. Usually such containers look simple and functional, a little bit office style.

BINO Woven Strap 2 Drawer Storage Tower – Dark Grey – Vertical Dresser Storage Tower, Easy Pull Fabric Bins

  • 2 DRAWER TOWER: Features 2 removable drawers; Use in or out of the closet and keep clutter under control by storing all of your clothing and accessories in one convenient place; Store and organize workout gear, leggings, yoga pants, sweaters, linens and more; The vertical design fits easily in many locations throughout the home
  • STYLISH SMART STORAGE: This furniture stand boasts a slim, light weight design to easily fit into smaller spaces while still providing plenty of storage space; The removable drawers have an easy cutout handle to make opening and closing simple
Box material
Plastic Storage Drawers For Clothes 4

Wooden crates and baskets. Very homemade and cozy way to store, especially suitable for root vegetables and vegetables. Wood – environmentally friendly and durable material, it looks interesting in the interior. Wooden containers are more often used for decoration, rather than for bringing order. However, it is necessary to admit that ten balls of threads, lying in a basket, are much more convenient than the same balls, tangled in one polyethylene bag. The disadvantage of the material is that over time the tree dries up and the baskets become fragile.

Fabric boxes. Dense fabric boxes and containers are preferred for storing items of clothing, bed linen and towels. Such boxes look organic in cabinets, they are convenient to store small items of clothing such as underwear, gloves, scarves. Sometimes they have a lid, which protects the contents from dust. However, such boxes are not always appropriate in the interior in prominent places.

Criteria for choosing storage boxes

Criteria for choosing storage boxes
Plastic Storage Drawers For Clothes 5

In stores you can find a huge variety of storage tanks. To determine what you need, think about what you’ll be storing in advance. The options you choose depend on it.

HOMZ Plastic 5 Drawer Medium Storage Tower, White Frame, Clear Drawers, Set of 2

  • 5 drawer capacity ideal to store personal items such as shoes, clothes, office supplies, art supplies, seasonal holiday decorations, and more.
  • Easy access see-through drawers are built from durable crystal clear plastic, which withstands ongoing use
  • The tower’s top lid features a recessed design to keep paper, pens, and other items in place
  • Casters/wheels NOT included
  • Exterior Dimensions: 12.5″ x 14.25″ x 31.675″ Interior Drawer Dimensions: Large Drawer – 12.31″ x 9.92″ x 6.85″ Small Drawer – 12.31″ x 9.92″ x 3″

Box size. For costume jewelry box will fit, but a spare warm blanket to put in a large box. Sometimes you need to take a large box and a few more small ones to organize the internal storage. This option is convenient for storing accessories for hair: elastic bands, hairpins, hairpins, styling products, folding – everything is divided into drawers or compartments and is not confused with each other.

Criteria for choosing storage boxes
Plastic Storage Drawers For Clothes 6

The material from which the container is made. Cardboard, plastic, wood, dense fabric – everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Think about whether the container will be stored in plain sight, whether it should resist moisture and whether you will often look into it. All these criteria affect the choice of material.

Appearance. You can pick up a box that will not only become a convenient container, but also will decorate the shelf, will be a bright color accent in a minimalistic interior. Or, you can buy a wicker basket, which will make your kitchen a little cozier.

Criteria for choosing storage boxes
Plastic Storage Drawers For Clothes 7

Cost. Focus on your financial possibilities. Containers made of natural materials are usually more expensive, while plastic ones are cheaper. At the same time, if you look well, among the plastic boxes you can find options that imitate wood or fabric, they look quite decent.

Comfort in care. For many people, it is important that plastic containers can be washed and even treated with disinfectants (this is what is done with boxes for toys in kindergartens). This is not the case with boxes made of natural materials. They can only be cleaned from dust and used in dry places where cardboard and wood do not swell.

Saves space with storage boxes

Saves space with storage boxes
Plastic Storage Drawers For Clothes 8

Boxes will be invaluable if you need to fit many things in a small space.

With their help, you can remove non-seasonal items for long-term storage. This applies to winter down jackets, tourist equipment, garden tools or school supplies that children will not need all summer. Maybe you got pregnant, and you need to temporarily postpone narrow dresses to hang in the closet more loose clothes. Put them in drawers and clean the mezzanine. Boxes will keep these things free of dust, and you can easily get them when you need them again.

Saves space with storage boxes
Plastic Storage Drawers For Clothes 9

With the help of small boxes you can organize vertical storage on the underwear shelves. With this approach, towels and pillowcases are folded neat little rectangles and placed vertically in a box. This method is very convenient, allows you to immediately choose the right thing and very save space in the closet.

HOMZ Plastic 4 Drawer Medium Cart, Black Frame with Smoke Tint Drawers, Casters Included, Set of 1

  • 4 medium width deep drawers, capacity ideal to store all personal items, such as; shoes, clothes, office supplies, art supplies, toys, bath items, seasonal holiday decorations, and more
  • Easy access see-through drawers are built from durable smoke tinted plastic
  • Cart’s top lid features a recessed design to keep paper, pens, and other items in place
  • Includes 4 optional wheels/casters for easy mobility
  • Exterior dimensions (including optional casters): 12.5” x 14.25” x 25.5” Small interior drawer dimensions: 12.31” x 9.92” x 3” Large interior drawer dimensions: 12.31” x 9.92” x 6.85”

Containers allow more efficient use of space on kitchen shelves. You can pour cereals and pasta into cans and make them one on top of another. In this way, the food will take up less space than if it was packed in open bags.

Saves space with storage boxes
Plastic Storage Drawers For Clothes 10

Boxes also allow us to use them for storage in places where things would otherwise be affected by dust or moisture. Bathroom breaks under the bathtub, space under the bed – you can store things there if you put them in airtight boxes with lids, which will protect the contents.

If there are too many things in your house, you find them difficult to find, uncomfortable to pull out or very difficult to find a suitable place for a new thing, try using boxes. Choose from a variety of items on the market – wood, plastic, cardboard or fabric. You will definitely find boxes to suit your taste and needs. They will decorate the interior of the room, will help in organizing things, will save space, and your home will become cozier and more comfortable.

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