Summer clothes for men in 2021

I periodically face such questions. Because it is clear that if not in the office, you can go in shorts and a shirt. But if you need to go to some representative place – do shorts fit or not? And what shirt should I choose? And what about the feet, because it is hot in your shoes?

I will start with the fact that usually air conditioners are installed in offices with strict dress code. Therefore, there are no complaints about the heat in the room.

Everything that is usually associated in our minds with a business man is fully present: a beautiful summer shirt, classic pants or chinos (if relaxation is allowed), club or classic jacket.

On your feet – summer boots, closed sandals, loafers.

Summer Clothes For Men

Where there are no air conditioners, there is usually no dress code as such. Some general rules are prescribed, which are regulated depending on the thermometer.

Some conditions are included: dark bottom, light top, closed chest, no screaming colors, etc.

By the way, I do not advise you to wear a tie if you do not have a jacket, and to wrap your pants within the cabinet.

Summer Clothes For Men


I advise to buy a good summer shirt – not an office shirt! A man should not wear the so-called office cotton in the hot season: it is beautiful, but dense and quickly loses its appearance in the heat.

Pay attention to linen, lyocell, mixed fabrics are acceptable. Such shirts breathe better than cotton shirts, too, of course, they are wrinkled, but they have much less complaints about this.

T-shirt, top

If you are allowed to come in T-shirts, the first place is given to polo by preference. They look very elegant and traditionally compared to shirts with a round neckline. Let’s say a henley neckline, but be careful with the silhouettes here.

Naturally, there shouldn’t be any extra tightness, even if the musculature asks for an advertising billboard. It looks good at work, outside the office – whatever you want.



Choose lightweight fabrics with vegetable fibers in the composition: flax, lyocell, orange fiber. You will be surprised, but the fine wool is an excellent insulator. However, it costs like a car.


No underwear, only city shorts! If allowed to come in shorts to work, the length should be up to the knee or slightly higher. At the exit to the city is allowed to twist, exposing the knee-cap. In general, do not confuse beach shorts and city shorts, the pictures show where what.

Needless to say, the fit is outdated and not welcome.


Of course, business transactions, formal meetings (even in the countryside) and situations that require representativeness and business acumen exclude shorts from the list of acceptable clothes. Despite the loyalty of your boss to them.



If you wear shorts, you don’t need a long sock. Shorts with socks look good only in the gym. You can not wear loafers on bare heels, there are special men’s traces of cotton on sale. Shoes have the right to the holes, but the sock must be closed. Protruding toes – both for men and women – at work under a ban.

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