What Can Tell About A Man His Clothes

Man His Clothes

Is it possible to learn something about a man’s character by looking at what clothes he prefers to wear? Psychologists say with certainty that it is possible! Lovely women! Now, having thrown only one look at the man, you can with a high degree of probability determine what type is in front of you. Read and “wrap it on your whiskers”.

The man follows the fashion closely

The man follows the fashion closely

If your new friend is dressed in the latest fashion, he wants to show everyone his status, his attractiveness and his impeccable taste. He puts aesthetics above all! Following the fashion trends in clothing, he also closely follows the existing criteria of women’s beauty, so he is very fastidious when choosing a partner for himself. He loves when a woman turns to him for advice when buying women’s clothing for herself. He can really instill good taste in his chosen one.

Not too inclined to cheating, as they will be taken over by the possible proceedings for a “hike to the left”. Again, they are lazy to waste time on conspiracy, as such men are more pleasant to receive external attention from others. They do not know how to compromise, do not like to sacrifice themselves for the sake of common interests, try to surround their lives with maximum comfort.

Trouble for their girlfriends, if they (girlfriends) begin to lose their form and attractiveness – it can drive such a man into depression, because according to his concepts a woman must always meet the highest standards.

A man wears clothes of bright colors, bold combinations and unusual styles.

bright colors

The main task of such a man is to attract maximum attention to himself and to stand out from the crowd. That’s why in public places they speak very loudly, they like to discuss all kinds of topics and voice their own opinion on current problems. They love to tell everyone about acquaintance with famous personalities, about their achievements (usually exaggerating them a lot).

They flirt to the right and left, proving to themselves their own attractiveness for girls and women. They hate any criticism of themselves.

Constantly complain to their partners that they have never been able to meet the “girl of their dreams”, without paying attention to what they think about his confession. They can’t have a real interest in those around them.

A man dressed in things that have long gone out of fashion

long gone out of fashion

This is a conservative who does not want to change anything in his life. Including the clothes which have become habitual for a long time. It practically does not pay attention to its appearance. Once having chosen some style, follows it by an ingrained habit.

It is also conservative when choosing everything else in life. Places of rest, food, daily routine, people around – he prefers everything familiar and familiar for a long time. He hardly gets used to new people, but after getting used to them, he keeps relations with them for a long time, if not forever.

He stays loyal to his girlfriend or wife, considering her proven and reliable, so that a long-legged beauty is unlikely to succeed in seducing him. However you twist it, this is a huge advantage in a relationship.

Man prefers a strict English suit

Man prefers a strict English suit

If a man has chosen for himself such a style (any of his variations – single-breasted, double-breasted), in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail, then we can safely say that he prefers order and rigor in everything that is in his life. Everything must be solid, fundamental, subject to a strict system. He does not accept any changes, remaining a conservative in everything and always!

He is always in some tension, as evidenced by a perfectly tied tie and neatly buttoned buttons. Even the tiredness of strict rules set by him will still follow them clearly. The only place where he allows himself a little relaxation is the society of similar men, gathered in an informal setting.

Man chose sports style

Man chose sports style

There are some nuances here. If there is only one element of sports style in your clothes, then it is just a tribute to fashion and in front of a woman a man who follows fashion trends. For example, it may be black pants + cashmere sweater, over which a bright sports vest is worn.

But when a man constantly wears sports cut clothing, there are two options. Either he is a real sportsman, or he does not pay attention to the rules generally accepted in society and does not conduct active business activities. Therefore, his choice is made in favor of practicality and personal comfort.

Fascinated by the cult of the body man chooses sportswear that tightly tightens his figure. To his partner, he sets high requirements – her body must be in good shape.

A man wears clothes that emphasize his belonging to one of the subcultures.

the subcultures

This shows the man’s desire to prove that he is an integral part of some brotherhood and his desire to take a certain place in it. A brave man who easily accepts the challenges that life throws at him and gladly tries this world for strength.

He hates boredom and routine, dreams that his partner will share his interests with him. If he is a biker, then a woman next to him will have to love motorcycles and find a dashing ride on them. Or at least hug him, sitting in the back seat of his bike. If he is a rapper, get some nibs and become like him. Well, and so on. These men love women who have become not only his mistresses, but also a real friend.

Man chose Business Casual style

Business Casual style

This is a man who is confident in himself and does not want to be in the spotlight, proving to someone his successes in life (which he really has!) This man allows himself to spend more time on vacation, as he has already achieved a lot in life. He entrusts business negotiations to his assistants, and he prefers personal freedom that expands the boundaries of his possibilities. He is courageous in decision making, assertive, loves all kinds of transformations. He is a real “hunter” in life.

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