Where hostesses store their dirty clothes. I studied the question: a selection of successful solutions

Some hostesses do not have a basket of dirty laundry at home at all. This happens for various reasons.

Some people find it unacceptable in the era of scientific and technological progress to collect dirty laundry – after all, you can immediately start the washing machine and wash.

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Others simply have no place to put the basket, so the laundry is immediately sent to the drum of the washing machine, which turns on at the first opportunity. But still the question: “Where to put the dirty laundry?

For the sake of a pair of socks, the washing machine is not started.

After all, because of one or two small things it is simply unreasonable to turn on the washing machine, and the function of the machine at partial load not everyone has.

Underloading of the washing machine reduces the life span of household appliances – you need it? In the meantime, the clothes will be fully washed, and they need to be stored somewhere.

washing machine
Where hostesses store their dirty clothes.

Need to be sorted: so as not to dig through the dirty laundry for half an hour before washing.

The second reason why the laundry is not immediately washed is its diversity. Each hostess sorts her laundry by different parameters before sending it to the drum:

  • Color – white, black, color. Although today on sale are widely represented color catchers, not everyone will dare to risk and send the drum white with black or colored.
  • The type of fabric – cotton, synthetics, wool separately.
  • Degrees of delicacy and contamination of the clothes.
  • The age of the owners of things – children and adults. It is unlikely that a sensible mother will send children’s clothes to be washed together with her husband’s socks.

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In general, you still have to store the laundry before washing.

And this is how differently hostesses organize the collection of dirty laundry in their house.

In a cabinet with round holes in the door:

differently hostesses organize
Where hostesses store their dirty clothes. 2

To collect and store laundry before washing, special cabinets are sold with large openings so that things inside can be ventilated. They are produced by manufacturers narrow and tall, in order to fit into small bathrooms.

In a few baskets:

Several baskets allow sorting linen by color. This solution is suitable for large families with more than two children. For single people, young couples, families with one or two children it will be enough to put one basket.

In one basket by setting the separator inside or without it:

You can put the divider inside the basket yourself by making it out of a piece of cardboard. Sorting helps get rid of the tedious process of digging in a pile of dirty laundry before washing.

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On a high rack with removable drawers on the shelves:

The choice of place and method of collecting laundry depends on the size of the bathroom, the number of people in the family, the presence of children, the preferences of the hostess and even her aesthetic taste.

I think that you can get useful ideas from the presented selection for yourself!

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