Wooden clothes rack: what’s the difference?

Shoulder hangers made of quality wood, ergonomic shape, carefully polished and covered with protective compound – what could be better for clothes and order? So that everyone could choose the ideal ones for themselves, we have prepared a short overview.

How do wooden hangers differ from metal ones? 

They are more massive and stronger, able to withstand the weight of the heaviest coat. Only from wood can be made real anatomical-shaped hanger with an extended wing (plastic eventually deformed, and from metal such a thing would be completely impractical). Therefore, hangers made of oak, pine, birch or beech are simply indispensable when it comes to storing suits and outerwear.

  • In the form that follows from the destination: with an extended wing for suits and outerwear, the usual – for dresses. For heavy clothing hangers with a crossbar are chosen, which gives the design extra strength.
  • by the design, which comes again from the destination: small and with clips – for skirts / pants, with a wooden / metal crossbar – for sets of clothes.
  • in color (natural or colored)
  • for the coating: lacquer, wax or oil.
  • and, of course, by the material from which they are made.
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Wooden clothes rack

Theoretically, there is a type of wooden hanger and without any coating, but its acquisition is fraught with losses: nothing protected, the tree in the end will begin to dry up, and burrs can damage the fabric.

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Let’s start with the fact that for the storage of outerwear and suits will fit any wooden hanger, the main (and most important!) – to choose the right size. After all, only in this case you will provide your clothes comfort and “rest”, otherwise products will continue to wear out even at rest, slowly but surely deforming under the force of gravity.

The very stiffness of wood provides quite high strength for any hanger. There’s no need to worry about it, but as for the properties of wood, to avoid the drying out and burrs, it’s better to just buy quality hangers. The main difference, perhaps, is the wood, from which the hangers are made. This is what we will tell you about.

Oak shoulder hangers

An excellent combination of strength and beauty of texture. Products made of oak are reliable and durable. However, the oak wood does not lend itself to polishing, and given that it is also very hard, it becomes clear why it is rarely used for hangers. At the same time, this strong, “solid” material is very popular for solid wood furniture.

Oak is a serious wood, and it is not without reason that even in this article, somehow naturally “stood up” the first, previously considered an elite beech. Oak was considered sacred, it was associated with male strength and longevity. Its products are suitable for people who have a strong and strong character.

Oak hangers for clothes (on the photo below) are reinforced with a crossbar for strength.

Beech-shoulder hangers

Beech is valued by furniture makers for its high decorative qualities: beautiful texture and exquisite natural shade, which practically does not change when varnishing. In addition, it is easy to process and very strong wood, comparable in density to oak.  The disadvantage of beech is its hygroscopic nature, so it is not used for rooms with high humidity.

High-Grade Wide Shoulder Wooden Hangers 6 Pack with Non Slip Pants Bar – Smooth Finish Solid Wood Suit Hanger Coat Hanger, Holds upto 20lbs, 360° Swivel Hook, for Dress, Jacket, Heavy Clothes Hangers

  • Preserves Shape: Inward Curving Hangers Wide Shoulders Design, Distribute Garment Weight Evenly and Preserves Collars and Drape to Ensure Suits and Coats Maintain Their Tailor-made Shape.
  • Reliable Strength: Heavy-duty suit hangers feature a thick hanger body with screw-reinforced thick cross bar and zinc-plated hook to provide superior support of heavier clothes, suit sets, and jeans.

Beech hangers are among the elite class. These are beautiful, lightweight and durable accessories – ideal for a perfect aesthetic storage.

The examples below show that, like any wood, it has a slightly different shade. From left to right – beech from Italy, Germany and the Caucasus.

Pine hangers

The color of wood is brown, beige and yellow, white with light pink divorces. The pine is pliable in processing and, like all conifers, has a pleasant odor, emits phytocides, which are considered curative. It has an excellent bactericidal effect.

Pine is a quality material available, so hangers made of pine are just as affordable, not inferior in reliability to “colleagues” made of oak or beech.

Birch shoulders

The wood is strong, homogeneous in density, well polished. Wear-resistant. Weak place – exposure to moisture, so for the manufacture of furniture choose wood from dry aged wood and protect products with a special coating. Since the shoulder hangers are placed in the closet, not in the bathroom :), the loss of view as a result of high humidity they do not threaten.

After treatment, white wood with a natural yellowish hue acquires a silky surface and a pleasant golden color. However, the birch also reacts well to coloring, so the assortment of birch shoulders colored in a different color (white, walnut, wenge, etc.) is quite wide.

Sometimes there are products made of cedar, but this material is inferior in strength to others, so it is not widely used. Buyers love cedar hangers for their ability to scare away moth, but the same property have the usual cedar flavors (balls, strips, dice …), which can be put in a cabinet or a case with clothes.


Each tree has its own energy, which is carried not only by the tree itself, but also by products made of it (of course, in smaller quantities, but there is a “charge”). The ability of trees to affect human well-being has been known for a long time, people used this property in ancient times. Now, the positive effect of the neighborhood of trees on a person has been confirmed by numerous studies, and in medicine there is a separate direction – “dendrotherapy”.

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  • Lightweight, yet strong in construction, to efficiently hang heavy garments like coats, suits, and jackets
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Wooden shoulder hangers are, of course, not special saws for treatment, but they also have the “character” of a tree. Hardly anyone will deny that the oak, which the Slavs called a tree Warrior, more “male” tree, and light and bright birch, the symbol of Russia, – female. Therefore buying wooden hangers with which there will be a regular contact, about this feature is better to remember.

Oak, revered by the ancient Slavs as a symbol of vitality and longevity, has a strong energy, products made of it will love people with the same solid character. Pine is a calm tree, which is valued by dendrotherapists for its ability to lift immunity and get rid of depression. Beech, a newcomer to our area, has similar qualities. Birch is a gentle soft tree, which is used by specialists as a “soothing agent”.


To protect the wood from burning, moisture, insect damage and drying, the ready hangers are covered with a special composition – lacquer, wax or oil. Such impregnation will also give the product a complete look and emphasize the texture of wood.

Most often, lacquering is used, but sometimes you may find hangers with wax or oil coating. Such natural impregnations completely exclude the very possibility of negative impact on human health. Wax and oil in principle do not emit any harmful substances, and wax also adds a subtle pleasant fragrance to the product.

Waxing is an ancient tried and tested method of wood protection, which has proved to be excellent. Most often a mixture of different types of wax is used for this purpose. The result of waxing is a thin protective film on the surface. This insurance is usually made for products made of porous species such as oak, walnut and beech. The wax fills all the smallest gaps, leaving no chance for moisture.

Oil impregnation gives the hanger a soft shine, which is preserved throughout the life of the hanger. Most often teak, linseed and Danish oils are used for wood processing, as well as mixtures of other types of oils, both natural and artificial.

Nature Smile White Wooden Coat Hangers 16 Pack Premium Solid Wood Suit Clothes Hangers with Pants Bar

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  • Heavy duty Flat body can hold all shapes and styles of coats, suits, trousers
  • Smooth finish protect your hand and clothes from abrasing
  • A chrome 360 degree hook lets users easily hang clothing from any angle.
  • Dimensions: 17.5″L x 0.47″W x 9.25″H.

An important feature: neither waxy nor oil-soaked shoulders leave greasy spots on clothes. The wood absorbs such impregnation as much as possible.

It should be noted that quality hangers-shoulders, which are presented in our store, are protected by exactly the same quality lacquer coating, safe for human health.

Ecological type of coating (wax and oil) is relevant when the products (in particular, furniture) have high requirements: for example, furniture for children’s room or sensitive allergy sufferers. And in the case of hangers is enough to choose a product from a reliable manufacturer who monitors the quality of the used varnishes.

Wherever you stop, wooden hangers shoulders will be a daily reliable “guardian” of your clothes.

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